Domestic goddess, I am not

I had a genius idea this morning… to create balance in my life by concentrating on the positive, on the things I have managed to achieve and not the things that I’ve failed at.  How would I do this?  How about blogging? Lots of people do it, why not give it a go?

So as sprog took his morning nap, I basked in the knowledge that I was becoming a domestic goddess. I had enjoyed putting the washing out on the line. Knowing that the mixture of the gentle breeze and blissful sunshine would awake our clothes from a winter haze gave a warm fuzzy feeling.  I did the washing up, prepared our lunches and snacks, stood back and had a drink thinking that I had finally nailed the morning routine.

I popped upstairs to order a new sippy cup as I love our one so much and at 10 on the dot moved my bum to wake the sprog.

I had been enjoying the waft of someone’s toast drifting through the open window as I entered my card details.  However, as I moved to get sprog, something dawned on me…That smells much more like burning and, o wait, I was the one cooking something!!

I dashed downstairs, threw open the kitchen door and was greeted by a very sorry looking pan.  It was black.  The potatoes shrivelled and stuck.  As I placed in the washing up bowl, I watching my new confidence whizz out of the kitchen window.  Domestic goddess I am not, balanced my life is not.  Must try harder.



3 thoughts on “Domestic goddess, I am not

  1. At least you didn’t then melt the washing bowl with the burning pan. This would have added absolute insult to a very evident injury!
    Multitasking even more efficiently could be your next area to develop…

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