Baby led weaning… 2 victories

Baby led weaning (BLW) was one decision that we are all glad we made and I’m certain that it’s going to continue to make our lives less stressful.

The idea is that instead of endless smushing and pureeing, sprog eats solid finger foods and this gradually becomes meals.

The victory for sprog?! His hand-eye coordination is getting really good (only very occasionally does the chunk of food end up in his eye rather than his mouth), he will already, at 7 1/2 months, eat most things that I put in front of him, and he is developing a lovely independent streak (which we may live to regret if he becomes half as stubborn as we both are).

And the victory for us? No need for blending, freezing, defrosting ice cubes of mush. No need to buy those awful looking pots of brown goop. And the best bonus, no need for added effort – sprog eats exactly what we do.

My favourite example so far is the apple. Hubby ate his at lunch time and left a fair amount on the core, he passed it over to sprog who had been not so subtley eyeing it up/grabbing for it whilst he ate it, sprog then spent 10 mins slowly gnawing away and juggling the apple accompanied by many “hmmm’s” and “ahhhh’s”. A sure sign of a food victory!



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