Mama’s reflection


This week has been a crazy busy week and full of “Mama highlights” so I thought I’d summarise and focus on the good!

Monday – Sprog, my cousin and I went to a lovely little soft play area where he was thoroughly entertained by trying to eat himself in the mirror.

Tuesday – An impromptu trip to Matalan with some mega nursery rhyme singing in the car.

Wednesday – Another impromptu outing, this time to the park with one of sprog’s many lovely “auntie’s”.

Thursday – Awesome smiling, singing and walking at Rhyme Time at the library.

Friday – Chilled out time (instead of the usual screaming) at his swimming lesson.

Saturday – Big time giggles and play time with Daddy before his first sleepover with Nanny and Grandad!

Sunday – Family fun with the hubby’s lot and some awesome progress at another swimming lesson (catch up lesson).

All in all, a really eventful and enjoyable week, I loved it!

“Mama highlight” = It was so difficult to pick one, but Sprog recognised me across the swimming pool from all the different people sat on the side today and gave me the biggest grin … It melted my heart.

“Teacher highlight” = Really beginning to get on top of my planning for going back, I do remember a bit about this teaching malarkey!

“Me highlight” = Getting my nails done and having a lie in with the hubby, it was our first one since July!


Pretty nails thanks to the ladies at the Health and Beauty Rooms, Worthing


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