A rollercoaster day

Good morning world! Today will be less stressful than yesterday which I am dubbing the “Rollercoaster day”. It’s been a while since I have felt so many emotions in one day, and all because of the amount I was trying to get done.

Let me give a bit of background. This Saturday (tomorrow!) we fly to the USA for 10 days for my brothers wedding with my parents, sounds like a lovely break…try packing everything an 8 month old needs for that long plus enough to survive the travelling! So I needed to pack and thought this would be a good chance to practice the morning routine for return to work 😦 less than 4 weeks to go.

So up at 6, I ran around like a crazy person for 2 hours making sure that we had everything sprog needed for a whole day out … it’s a lot! I dragged the 4 bags of stuff (bottles, toys, clothes, changing bag) and the stroller to the car and we arrived at Nanny’s on time! Get in! But I was exhausted already…How am I then going to do a full days teaching?!

I did a few jobs out and about, had an early lunch and set to the packing. I couldn’t find the trusty post-its so now the house is covered in bits of paper with sellotape to remind me of the last minute things that need doing today. My baby brain cannot be trusted to remember anything. However, the house was calm, the 1990’s cheesy music blaring and I made a good start.

Then I popped into town. My mission: to find some shorts! Just in case of freaky warm temperatures where I cannot wear my fail safe jeans. Is it just me, or is anyone else post-baby actually scared of clothes shopping now? I’ve lost a lot of the weight but there’s half a stone extra lurking solidly on my stomach that wants to hang around. This changes my shape, my size, and most importantly my confidence. I do not know how to shop for this body and may have had a secret weep before I pulled myself together.

After picking up sprog who was full of smiles, I received news that one of my friends is expecting a baby and I literally squealed with excitement in public! Not a cool look but I am so so excited!

Then it was back home and after bed time, back to packing – we now have 3 suitcases which look pretty full and we haven’t finished with the bathroom stuff or sprog’s bottles etc. I was totally exhausted, stressing out, and my eyes were telling me to stop when hubby took charge, told me to stop and took me into the nursery where sprog quietly sighed in his sleep. He cracked open the mothers day present… a lovely necklace with 2 hearts on, one has sprog’s birth stone, and one has a stone for me… cue more tears, quite a lot of them.

Up and down…I think that’s motherhood. I’m glad “Rollercoaster day” is done. I’m glad most of the packing is done. I’m glad that I have a big, dribbly, grinning bundle of fun to make every day worth getting up for but it isn’t half tiring!




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