Mama’s reflection


What a crazy week!! I am writing to you from a big wicker chair with my mug of coffee, feet up and chilling out.

One of the benefits of going away with other family members when you have a baby… You do actually get some time to chill out!

So, we survived our epic day of travelling (over 24 hours of awake time), sprog was an absolute superstar and everyone fussed over him at every opportunity. My top tips for long haul air travel are:
1- pre book your seats, preferably the extra leg room ones.
2 – pre order any formula or snacks etc into a shop air side, eliminates the security hassles of tasting milk.
3 – take quiet toys, we had finger puppets and building blocks.
4 –  you cannot over-pack on the bibs and spare clothes, we didn’t need them but I’m so glad we had them, just in case.
5 – definitely have a spare top for you and something sugary/full of caffeine for when the day just seems to keep on going!

Mama highlight – I was so proud of sprog at his last swimming lesson on Friday, he didn’t squeal or scream (massive improvement) and he splashed and even cracked a smile!

Teacher highlight – I didn’t do any teacher work! Oops!

Me time highlight – erm… I struggled thus week… Too much packing and organising to do… This week is already looking better… I have a spray tan and manicure to look forward to before the brothers wedding on Saturday!


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