Mama’s reflection

This week has been entirely trans-Atlantic and I write from the USA again, this time in conjunction with the hubby.

Monday – It was lovely to see my brother and his fiance as we had a wander around Opryland and sprog enjoyed watching the fishes.

Tuesday – Hubby and I trekked off to Knoxville with my brother to see where he went to Uni and their apartment, all very nice. We’ve been struck all week by the sheer size of buildings, space between buildings and cars – all are huge!

Wednesday – Whilst my dad went off to play fishing with the boys, the hubby, mum and I went off to play with the shops 🙂 Sprog had a great time watching the carousel go round!

Thursday – The boys and girls separated in the evening with the girls having a lovely Chinese takeaway and wedding making evening getting the program’s (Order of Service to us Brits) all sorted out.

Friday – Oooo, I had my nails Shellac-ed! A very nice treat and a snip of the price of having it done at home so I am currently sporting some rather delightful pink sparkling nails!

Saturday – The big wedding very different to a traditional British wedding so it was really interesting to see the other ways of doing things.  My brother and his beautiful wife looked like they had a fantastic day and I know we all enjoyed ourselves too p.s. sparklers as they left the venue was a big hit!

Sunday – We had a very chilled out day of sitting in the garden, sprog mastered the art of laughing full heartedly at a bouncy ball, bubbles and my cousin making silly faces.

Mama highlight – Sprog has been a total superstar with sleeping, eating, playing all week.  I think I have most loved seeing him become a total and utter flirt with any woman passing by – he turns on the smile at just the right time now!

Teacher highlight – Again….I didn’t do any work so that’s a mega bonus.

Me time highlight – It’s actually been a very busy week so just having an evening with hubby to watch a film or curl up for a mini lie in were perfect times this week.

CAKEOne of my few indulgences of the holiday – Red Velvet cake, mmmmm hmmmm!



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