Top activities … Baby Sensory

I recently read an article which said that most mum’s don’t know when, where, or how to find activities to do with their sprogs so I’m going to do a series of blogs unveiling the best activities that we’ve done, it seemed a perfect time to reflect as my maternity leave is almost over.JpegI truly believe that Baby Sensory has been one of the most beneficial and one of the most enjoyable by far.

Every Wednesday we (I) look forward to our Baby Sensory session as it means that I am able to do so much more than sing nursery rhymes! Don’t get me wrong, I love “Baby Rhyme time” (I’ll blog on this too) but I got to a stage when sprog was about 3 months old were the options of various incarnations of singing songs were a prospect that my reasonably intelligent brain cells could no longer cope with. I searched the internet endlessly for some kind of “sensory” play area that wasn’t overpriced for the amount of time there and I stumbled across a free tester session the next day. I sent a desperate email and went along and have never looked back.

Each session is planned to develop every kind of sensory experience for the babies. We’ve bounced light balls, played with beach objects, sung French songs, practised putting our teddy bears to bed and all manner of other wonderful activities. We (the actual “we” and not just “me”) love and enjoy the “exploratory play” time where we explore each of stations set up … from a ball pit, to a blow-up bed with different puppets.  I have discovered that sprog does not like hairy fluff (like a lion’s mane) and that he does love mirrors (a lot), he shook his first maraca at the group, he tries his hardest to walk and move at the group and he always has a good nap afterwards!

What we genuinely enjoy is that every week is different, every activity is enjoyable, and my brain cells not only survive but flourish with the new ideas that I have to play with sprog at home.  Our favourite so far… definitely cushion mountain!


11 thoughts on “Top activities … Baby Sensory

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  2. I took both of mine to Baby Sensory and loved it SO much of all the classes I tried I ended up running classes myself…every day I run lessons I watch mums (and dads and grandparents too) and can remember so vividly how much fun I had with my baby, how inspiring the classes were and how close I felt – it was something I always made sure I got out of the house to go to. x

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