Top activities…Baby Rhyme Time


(Daddy came with us last week, this was his choice of book to take home for the week!!)

A classic activity.  It seems that whenever someone on social media asks for ideas of activities to do with their sprog, Baby Rhyme Time is on the list.  I guess, to start with, because it’s free.  Exactly what every parent is after as we manage all the expenses of modern life, often on the reduced maternity leave budget!

When a friend and I first went along to Rhyme Time, our sprogs were teeny tiny; we had to wake them up to listen to the songs, or they fell asleep during the session.  They were definitely beyond understanding what was going on but for us it was an escape from the same 4 walls at home.  We felt comfortable turning up looking half dead from a lack of sleep, there’s no pressure to be particularly organised (people arrive throughout the session), and it reminded us of the nursery rhymes we’d forgotten as well as attempting to teach us some new ones (not always successfully). We’d then go and treat ourselves to a yummy snack afterwards.

As the sprogs have grown, they now enjoy shaking/sucking their shakers every week, they have watched each other, and learnt from the older “babies” (to me, there is nothing “baby” like about the toddling, chattering, waving and twirling whirlwinds of the toddler ages).

We go to the Broadwater library group but there are sessions at libraries across the county and I know people who attend other libraries who have just as much fun.  We have a good natter, the library ladies have a great connection going with our group, the other mums/nans/sometimes even a dad (!), have all got to know each other and sprog has even started to respond to the songs whilst at the library.

My sprog has the dilemma of wanting to see absolutely everything when we go out and about so he often looks blankly at everyone and everything and then responds when in the calm and familiar surroundings of places he knows well.  At 8 months, the smiles, clapping and shaking his shaker are all starting to happen as we sing.

I am really sad that I wouldn’t be able to carry on going, but I know that I am fully equipped with a range of irritatingly upbeat and catchy songs from “The Bear went over the Mountain” to “Cars and Buses” that will entertain us for years… and I can always pop in during the school holidays with him!


For your local group, see this webpage


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