Top activities… Early Parenting Group

I was/am not an NCT mum, if I could go back to my pregnancy again, I think I would be. Probably not for the advice from the sessions but more for the support of the mum’s when the babies first arrive.

After a surprise c section, I found it much more difficult to get out and meet new parents straightaway and actually the Early Parenting Group that I attended at my local Children and Family Centre was a godsend.

As I turned up late (I had no idea how to put the waterproof cover on the pram and had spent 10 mins trying before I quit, it was carefully balanced!), there were a few other new mum’s and each week we learn more dazzling facts to ‘prepare’ us for the changes to come.

Some of it was immensely useful, but the best thing I got from it was a group of other mums, with similar aged little ones, who could give ideas, be equally as bemused as me and, I later discovered, share a love of cake!

We now continue to meet, having to work much more carefully around people’s work commitments but still sharing and supporting.

We also share a love of the Health Visitor who ran the sessions. We have been known to hunt her down at clinics to ask her questions and for each of us to turn up with a list if questions. She was fab… Not to ‘by the book’ and understanding that every baby is different but so so willing to help. I’m hoping that she knows how much we appreciate her turning up every week throughout the winter and helping us through the tough first months.

Use these links to discover what your local centre is up to and just go and see what it’s like, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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