Top activities … The Freebies!


I think that actually when we look around us here in Worthing, we have a good number of activities for us to use and do with our various sprog’s that are free so making our time with them enjoyable and valuable can be straightforward.

In terms of outdoor activities, it’s only been in the last few weeks that the weather has really let us get out and about properly but I am a huge fan of our local parks. We regularly go to one around the corner from us and it’s been great to see how much more sprog enjoys it as he gets older. The swings were a total winner yesterday with a great big smile! With the turn in the weather it’s almost good enough to go for a picnic, we haven’t braved it just yet but we have been having outside play time with our blanket down out in the garden.  Sprog is not a fan of wearing his sun hat though so we’ve had a few minor tantrums out there, as well as a near miss with eating a leaf from the tree!

For cafes and great meeting places with other parents, we’ve been to a few and I’d recommend 2 in particular. The New Life Church Coffee Shop has been great as a regular meeting place for one group of mummy friends. The staff are always really welcoming and they have space for prams, toys to play with and great cake!  There’s a great play area at the Findon Garden Centre (Roger’s Farm to Worthingites who have been here for forever!), we’ve been a few times now and the play area is just right for a small sprog.  I don’t feel worried about him getting squashed by a cascade of toddlers tumbling down the steps/slide/ball pit area, and there’s enough space that I can get into each area with him…Although, it is a squeeze to get through the soft pillars on the top level!

At the Durrington Children and Family Centre (01903 276888), there is an amazing sensory room, bookable, for free and we absolutely love all the different materials, lights, mirrors and activities in there.  It’s great to go with other people but we have been known to entertain ourselves quite happily in there for a long time.

And when I’ve needed some time to myself, a good old fashioned walk with sprog in the pram has done me the world of good. I would say that making sure you get out of the house everyday is one of the most important things to do…I got cabin fever in the school holidays pre-sprog if I didn’t get out…multiply that by a lot of tiredness, stress, and lack of adult conversation, and it doesn’t matter how skanky you look, how rubbish you feel, the smallest walk and a bit of fresh air will just give you a break from the baby time!!

Over the next weeks, I have to work hard at getting a balance between this kind of quality, enjoyable family time, and managing my work load…It’s going to be a challenge. We’re starting off with lots of family time over Easter and heading to see some lambs tomorrow!  I hope everyone has a lovely long weekend and gets out to see and enjoy the sunshine!


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