Surviving the first days


Day three back at work… My eyes hurt from the computer screen, my legs hurt from standing, my brain hurts from trying to remember things and I am thoroughly tired.

But we have so far managed to be fairly organised with sprog and getting him to and from the various places on time and he seems to be having a ball.

The major casualty so far has been me… I lost my car and house keys on day one (excellent start). On day two my external hard drive with all of my prep on decided that it was time to die, without me having backed anything up at school yet. I am still waiting for day three’s disaster. Maybe it was that year 8 class this morning!! Weirdly, it doesn’t seem to have been my 2 maths lessons today!!

Anyway, I just wanted to quickly update to say that we are all still alive and kicking! Just about!


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