Mama’s reflection #6


I have needed a lot of this to get through the week!

It has been a long and difficult week.  This time last week, I was thinking that I had never been so happy, contented and life was good.

This week I am exhausted, I do not want to leave the sprog again tomorrow morning and I now know that every waking minute of my life needs planning in advance.

We attempted to take Saturday easy and had no planned activities…that did not work. We were tired and grouchy at each other.

Today we had more of a plan, we were less grouchy, we survived.

Mama highlight – It’s a biggy! Sprog began crawling this afternoon after weeks of looking like he might, the thing that finally tempted him was the laptop – precious cargo and sparkling treasure for a small human, all the pretty lights were everything he needed to tempt him to actually move his knees.

Teacher highlight – I survived 4 days back with only mild total exhaustion!

Me time highlight – erm…I went to my pre-booked facial and didn’t cancel it. I was relaxed afterwards!


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