Mama’s reflection #7


Yummy burgers carefully crafted by the hubby this evening.

2 weeks in to the return and I feel more like me again this weekend; back to being happy, contented and chilled out.

I am lucky enough to have the best support behind me. I have family who will always do what they can to help us out, I have friends who, when I get to see them (we’re not all “local’s” anymore), have a great time, and most importantly, I have a husband who is amazing.

Now at the risk of increasing his ego and making his head so big that it won’t fit through the door frame, he is a star. Whenever I have tough times, I know that it’s tough and horrible and I may get upset about it, but he remains calm when I need him to and is just there. He knows when all I need is a hug, and no words. He knows when I’m joking about making him go out in the evening for wine/chocolate, and when I really want/need it but don’t want to ask. He knows me inside out.

He knows which screams are genuine i.e. when sprog has got a really good, tight grip on my hair and I can’t actually move away and moves with lightening speed when necessary. He knows that a shriek of “There’s blood!!” really means “leap-out-of-the-bath-and-get-in-here-now!”

Without him, I would not have returned to my happy state, I would still be decidedly more unhappy!

Mama highlight = This week, it’s the way that, even though I am not with sprog all the time, when he sees me, he still knows and understands that I’m Mama and all the love that brings. Plus, he’s slowly learning about giving nice kisses and this evening, I nearly got a single kiss which didn’t involve sucking my chin/lip/cheek, dribbling all over my chin/lip/cheek, or teeth being implanted into my chin/lip/cheek. It was an emotional moment for me.

Teacher highlight = Learning a new way of working that means I am there for my students, but not at the cost of any time with sprog. And that means a total no nonsense approach to detentions…when I say I want homework on time, I mean it or I will let your parents know…straight away!

“Me” highlight = I feel that this week was balanced. I haven’t worked at home. I have spent time playing with sprog. I haven’t had much alone time but that doesn’t seem to matter!


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