Who needs toys?!


Who needs toys?! It would seem that whilst sprog is interested in some toys (he very proudly mastered the art of hitting the top on the ball spinning gizmo… Hit the top, the balls inside spin round) this evening, he’s not hugely fussed as he then spent a good 5 minutes happily chewy on a welly boot!

We could blame teething, or being hungry but we would be lying… He just likes to chew everything… Still!

We have not been fans of buying expensive toys. Before I went back to work, I saw my job as entertaining, playing and teaching him about the world so I was always doing things with him. I’m not super woman so it meant that I did not have a neat and tidy house, the washing was not always done etc, but sprog was busy developing and exploring. I wanted to do that with him and I’m glad I did.

I can honestly say that we do not use the electronic babysitter (tv) to entertain him… Best we get is the 7.20 weather report on BBC News when he chatters to lovely Carol! I feel really strongly about him having the human interaction, not being palmed off on the tv.

That’s not easy and I am truly exhausted every evening but it’s worth it. Every little smile, every little squeak or giggle, every little hug… This all makes the exhaustion worth it.

And if I get 5 minutes quiet time because he just wants to chew on a boot then that’s a lovely moment too.

Who needs a tv when sprog has so many things around him that are ready to explore?!  Including mummy’s oh so very entertaining face, and the spinning ball gizmo, and the welly boot?! Who needs toys when all he wants is love and attention?!

That, I can do!


One thought on “Who needs toys?!

  1. My house is never tidy either… my sprog seems to have an attachment to a toothbrush at the moment. None of the hundreds of toys are good enough for her and whenever she sees the toothbrush her face lights up.
    What can you do?

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