Mama’s reflection #8


I have to make sure that this week I concentrate on the positives as I am truly shattered and not feeling on top form.

Mama highlight – sprog has provided some amazing moments this week. He’s moving so quickly now that getting dried/dressed/bum changed are all quickly becoming a nightmare but he did make me laugh when he zoomed off last night with his towel still hooked over his head!
He’s also found an amazing bath time game… Slashing mummy from inside the bath… As long as I squeal in indignation, he full on belly laughs at the whole thing!! You cannot resist letting him splash when it makes him so happy.

Teacher highlight – I managed to mark mock exams in record time, it seems that sprog is true motivation but it’s been tough to maintain any energy this week. I’m trying out some new snacks etc this week in a bid to fuel myself better.

Me time highlight – I had to think so hard… Hubby was a star last night and took sprog for a good hour so that I could dye my hair in a bid to brighten myself up a bit… It worked, I am freshly gingered!!


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