Maybe I’m allergic to work


This is a conclusion seriously being considered by some of my colleague’s.

In the 3 1/2 weeks that I have been back at work, I have had conjunctivitis, a cold and a sore throat resulting in man like crokiness.

I’ve just managed a year without anything hugely nasty apart from a little sniffle and only one thing has changed… Work. So that must be it!

I am preparing to battern down the hatches, bulk buy the diary milk and hide. I’ve heard that I could get better pay if I was off sick than maternity pay and surely an allergy to work is a serious thing to be considered?!

I do quite like the kids though, and some of my colleague’s (mainly the ones who don’t take the mick out of my funny eyes and throat), and it is nice to be using my brain again! The walk to and from work is also pleasant and giving me some time to myself.

Do you think the dairy milk would have the same anti-allergy effect if consumed at work?!


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