Welcome back sunshine


Isn’t it so blooming lovely to have some sunshine back in our lives?!

I have had a crazy kind of 24 hours… A mama rollercoaster! When I collected sprog from nursery yesterday not only was his nose streaming, as usual (got to love baby’s and germs) but he was sporting a bit of a rash. We googled (as all parents do… What did our parents do when they did the know what to do?!), we were disgusted by the images, we concluded via nhs symptom checker (good and faithful creation) that it was possibly chickenpox or hand, foot and mouth, or maybe an allergy. But we weren’t going to risk bed time or a lack of sleep on the out of hours doctors.

Sprog did sleep well but woke spot on our alarm clock spluttering away and for a treat (for both of us) came into bed with me whilst Daddy got ready… Hello extra 45 minutes in bed!!

I actually enjoyed my extra time with sprog this morning. It may have been for a trip to the doctors but we just got to play while we waited and he had a blast. After a sleepy drop off and a quick change into ‘teacher’ clothes it was back to reality.

A busy few hours at work whizzed by and I left whilst it was still sunny, still warm and had some lovely play time in the garden at Nanny S’s!

It’s been great… I may have upset and worried, chilled and stressed (work), calm and busy, but I have sent more time with sprog today than any other week day for nearly a whole month and I miss my time with him so much!


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