The nappy wriggle


Oh my goodness! I apologise to non-parent blog readers now.

What do I do about the nappy changing wriggle?! If it was a simple bum shuffle as I changed him, I could cope. Sprog has never been a particularly ‘still’ baby.

But this is tear inducing, mamavsbaby, battle of the wills (and elbows), turn over and crawl off wriggling!! Unhelpful but more manageable when the nappy change is a simple wet one and simply disastrous when it’s the other kind.

It’s made worse when on our lovely changing table he turns, grips the edges and holds on. This small child had more strength than I could dream of and it takes every ounce of my strength to remove him and flip him back over!

Toys don’t distract him, singing doesn’t calm him, gently turning him back and telling him not to doesn’t mean anything to him.

I was lucky not to leave church this morning with poop smeared all over me and him! Any suggestions gratefully received!


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