Mama’s reflection #10


It was a funny old week…. One where I was busy and tired but did not seem to achieve much. 

When I set up this blog it was with the purpose of making me be aware of the positive moments for when I returned to work as I thought it was going to be terrible to go back and not see sprog all the time. And it is really difficult, but 5 weeks in, we have our little routine… It’s not perfect, and it comes undone as soon as I get to tired to do all of the jobs that day or if sprog wakes up early.

I’m finding that it is surprisingly easy to focus on the positives! Maybe I’ve had an easy time going back as it’s not been on a full timetable so there’s time for marking at school! Who knows?! But apart from the exhaustion, it’s been fairly good.

Mama highlight – sprog has just been such a happy, smiley, sunny baby this week with lots of smiles to share and it’s been awesome!

Teacher highlight – not my classes this year, but they did include some of my all time favourite students – year 11 sat their history exam and are now done!

Me time highlight – there’s not been much of time but I have started watching Rome on Netflix which is making me chill out in the evening!


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