Arts and crafts… for the first time ever


Today I wanted to try and do an exciting ‘at home’ activity with sprog.  We’re really good at going out and doing things but I wanted to see if sprog was now able to do activities like wet play etc that I have been dying to do with him.  So as he napped this morning, I ran around setting up the table…I found a great use for all of the charity clothes bags that come through the door (see my lovely table cover) and finding clothes that were fit for painting.

My first victory was a personal mama one… I managed to fit into an old painting t-shirt – no else than a society t-shirt from University!


Then came sprog’s outfit – another one of my old t-shirts – his needed holding in a bit though so I improvised with a hair band! I think he looks like a little mini wizard.


We used some finger paints from Tesco which were really easy to use and great for cleaning up afterwards. Baby wipes cleared them up straightaway so that there was no stray mess across the house. Only the odd bit of the back of his head which he did not enjoy me trying to scrub off!

We went with tactics of me putting some paint on the paper to start with and getting him to spread/play/feel the paint.  We then graduated to putting his fingers in the pot and trying to make hand prints.  This had limited success and I can’t show you the results as it might be that sprog has made hubby something for fathers day!

Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg

We didn’t manage to make the disastrous mess which I was anticipating and I did end up with more paint on me than sprog did on him – not sure how that happened. He sat beautifully on my lap as we painted and I was so happy and very proud of the the little boy that he is quickly becoming.

Sprog was immensely proud of our hard work, he held it high above his head to admire it like a true artist.


I think my only mistake was to do the arts and crafts in the morning. I was totally exhausted afterwards and desperate for it to get to nap time so that I could chill out. I think in future, we’ll save arts and crafts for the afternoon activity. Now…to start planning the next few activities ready for the summer holidays!


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