Proud as punch


This evening held a treat for hubby and I, one that as a teacher and a self confessed geek, I was super excited about. Parents evening. I didn’t honestly think that this was something that I would be doing for quite some time yet but our lovely nursery starts the parents off early.

I know from personal experience that the worst parents at parents evening are teachers so I was ever so conscious of not being that pain of a parent. At 10 months old,there are limited things that I can be a pushy parent about anyway but I’m also very aware that I must let sprog develop at his own speed and I have taken great care to create environments where he is encouraged and shown new skills but not ‘pushed’ in a forceful and overbearing way.

I ultimately want sprog to enjoy learning and to be a well rounded and lovely man. The thought of him reaching the dizzy heights of adolescence seem such a long way off but I know how quickly time passes and life rushes by so I know that it will be upon us sooner than we’d like. I want for him to be equipped to enter the hormone raging seas, ride them and emerge as a beautiful soul but I know that this means 12-13 years of hard graft and then the 5-6 years of unconditional support and love needed to battle those pesky hormones.

So at 10 months old, what did we learn at parents evening?! Most of it was nothing new to us but more a validation of what we have been doing by impartial and neutral, professional people who know what they are talking about. For all my teaching experience only means that I know teenagers, I do not know babies and toddlers.

We learnt that sprog is a very chilled out and relaxed mini human. He is an explorer who loves to move around and see everything that is going on. He is a happy and smiley boy who has only ever cried at nursery when he didn’t want to sleep. He is doing great with his food and even starting to sit at the big boys and girls table (which is actually freakishly small) rather than the high chair. He has convinced some of the nursery staff of the successes of baby led weaning. He loves to make noise with the sensory toys.

Most of this we knew before. What was news to us was that he loves hanging out with the older ladies (both closer to 2 years old)… This worries both of us for the teenage years.

So we left nursery very proud of the lovely, smiley little boy that he is becoming… And a little bit scared of the hormonal, older woman loving teenager that at he may become… But maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves… Maybe.


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