Mama’s reflection #12


This weekend has been truly awesome. I’m going to keep it all very simple this week.

I finished work on Friday and breathed a sigh of relief; I was able to leave everything at work and not take a single thing home. It was bliss.

On Saturday, we were so very glad that the rain stayed away… We popped into the Durrington Festival where sprog was just fascinated by watching all the other people at the park and plopped himself on the floor so that he could pay full attention! We had a lovely takeaway with my parents and then spent the evening sorting out baby clothes for the car boot which I plan to do in a couple of weeks. The piles above were meant to be a big pile to sell and a small pile to keep…. We only managed equal piles.. Oops!

Today, we saw friends, family and did the father’s day special for baby sensory (more on that in another post) which was amazing! Doesn’t the sun just make everything so much nicer?!

Mama highlight – the brief moments of standing that sprog has been able to do this weekend. Although this is bitter sweet as I’m sure that his first independent standing/walking moments are not far off and I’m sad that there’s a chance of me missing this and being at work.

Teacher highlight – I have had some lovely moments with students in the last week. Breakthroughs with cheeky boys and upset from girls but them and I have weathered the problems well.

Me time highlight – easy this week… I actually had “me” time as a facial which calms and soothes me completely.


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