Baby Sensory… A Father’s Day special


Many of you know how much I love Baby Sensory (see previous post), at any opportunity I will tell you how fabulous I think it is and not only for the developmental activities for the babies but also for the poor brain cells of the reasonably intelligent mother on maternity leave who needs something more stimulating than singing nursery rhymes 3 times a week in different locations.

Now that I am back at work, Sprog has continued to attend the sessions with Nanny R when she looks after him and they both love it… She was very excited to tell me about the new signs that she learnt with him in the last session.

For special occasions, Baby Sensory run one-off sessions and until Sunday, we hadn’t made it to any of these but we finally made it to Horsham for the Father’s Day Special. I was super excited because I wanted hubby to see everything that Sprog does when he goes. He is in that situation which is unfortunately so very common for the Daddy’s of the world which is that he works and has limited time off. And whilst some Daddy’s have some flexibility in that time off, our one is extra special to us as he is currently studying in the evenings and therefore uses his time off mainly to revise for the exam seasons. We were incredibly lucky that exam season finished on Friday for hubby so he was as free as a tired, exam exhausted and marginally brain dead bird and I dragged him to a full on sensory experience.



The line up of activities was a typical array of Father-themed loveliness – One of the first activities was for the boys to go to the “car wash” – A pompom filled inflatable car where they quickly found themselves surrounded in bubbles. Sprog is a big fan of the bubbles at any time so after crawling over and familiarising himself with the car, Daddy and Sprog enjoyed popping the bubbles and trying to catch them.



I love this picture as it just shows the speed at which Sprog zooms off now. He’d still much rather walk than crawl but when he sees something that he wants, he’s off. This was during the exploratory play time and it was either one of the sparkly helium balloons or the large inflatable football which had grabbed his attention this time.

After nearly an hour of bubbles, pompoms, flying machines, stacking blocks with Bob the Builder and chasing balloons and footballs, the group headed back to the sensory zone for one last blast of activity. Sprog loves this activity and it was one that he started doing a while ago… I think partly due to the experiences he has at the group every week…and it’s drumming. So whilst the Mummy’s started to look at little warm and tired, the boys were bashing their wooden spoons and sticks to the sound of “What shall we do with the drunken sailor?” very loudly!


As usual, Sprog was totally exhausted after the session but this time there was another boy who was looking a little tired… I had a great time watching the two of them work together and play, watching Sprog crawl off, attempting to play with everything before anyone else moved (he was the only “mover” there), and watching hubby decide whether it was time to chase him down or whether to let him explore. My personal highlight was actually getting caught under the parachute with sprog towards the end of the session. I saw everything from his point of view and the colours, the breeze from the parachute and the new sensations of the balloons and confetti were just so much fun!

Once again, thank you Baby Sensory for making sessions that are entertaining and developmentally beneificial for Sprog, and for the adult with him! I’m just a bit sad that he’s getting closer to 1 and won’t be able to go after that as we don’t have any Toddler Sense sessions that run locally to us 😦


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