Mama’s reflection #13


Let me start by wishing the Daddy’s out there a very happy fathers day. On behalf of the mama’s out there, we really do appreciate everything you do for us. Even if is just half an hour in the evening, even if it is just whilst we shower and get clean hair, even if you think you do nothing… Your support is overwhelming and none of the mama’s would be as capable and as strong without you. Careful though, we only admit that for this one day a year… The rest of the time we are strong, independent, gladiator women who will battle and balance all of life’s little treats, with or without you!

This week, I have been less gladiator-strong and more listless and a bit pathetic. This weekend has restored me a little bit… Today has again been wonderful.

I am (so far) incredibly happy that we have managed to use most weekends for quality family time. Today we took sprog for his very first family picnic and also his very first visit to Highdown Gardens which are a very special place to hubby and I. We have spent many an afternoon chilling on a bench, studying and relaxing among the flowery loveliness. We had our wedding reception and photos taken there. And sprog had his first picnic there.

It was perfect…. And sprog was perfect… He had immense fun as he sat on Daddy to eat his lunch. He sat on Daddy’s lap and on Daddy’s tummy. He sat on my lap and snuggled in close as he got sleepy. He ate his first sandwich (without pulling it apart and eating the components individually).

The boys ran off to play and discover the flowers and plants whilst I sat back and watched them, my heart glowing with pride, happiness and love. Those two are my absolute world. Happy days and a total and complete highlight (for ‘mama’, for ‘me’ and just for today, sod the ‘teacher’ bit).


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