Cancer and pregnancy week

I had been really stuck for a blog topic today as my week has been fairly boring as I have had tonsillitis pretty badly and I’ve been out of it since Wednesday!

And then a random link sprung up on my Facebook page, for a charity called Mummy’s Star. I was watching Celebrity Masterchef at the time and it normally takes a lot to distract me from this, however, I honestly have no idea who did what in the mass catering challenge this week as I was enthralled in reading the stories of the brave and fabulous women who have shared their stories.

I was very lucky in pregnancy, the worse ailments that I suffered were extremely hot hands, a sore back and generally being enormous in the summer heat. I didn’t have the straightforward birth I would have liked but I had stayed positive and remembered all the great breathing techniques I’d practiced and it wasn’t too horrendous in hindsight. Our sprog has been a superstar from the start, he has always slept reasonably well, fed well and been a happy soul. I do count myself lucky. And this evening, I found myself weeping in support of the women, and with great thankfulness that we have been so lucky.

Mummy’s Star are celebrating their first birthday this week and have helped to launch Cancer and Pregnancy week. They aim to help and support women who are diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy, within a year of having baby or who have lost a spouse in the first year.

All three of these scenarios terrify me. For all of the mama’s out there who have had amazing, supportive partners…my hubby is my world and fantastic… He’s proven himself again this week where he’s taken the strain whilst I’ve been under the weather. I couldn’t imagine my world without him.

But I found it hardest to stomach the idea of not being able to give sprog my absolute best when he arrived. If I had to imagine what that would have felt like…well, it leaves me in tears.  One lady spoke of having to take tablets to stop her milk, having to express and dispose of the milk as toxic waste whilst she was having chemotherapy. She spoke of the poison in her body and how she felt about not being able to feed her baby as a result. To not have a choice must be hard. I’m sure ‘hard’ doesn’t begin to cover it. I have so much admiration for each and every one of the ladies affected. I am honestly speechless and in awe.

Reading these stories left me feeling pretty bad. I’m sure we all have days where we feel under our best, where we would rather not get up and have to plaster a smile on for our little ones… I’ve certainly been like that this week. Reading the stories put my feelings into perspective, it made me want to man up! Thankfully I am starting to feel better and it’s easy to take a few antibiotics. The strength and determination of the ladies that Mummy’s Star helps takes courage much greater than I’m sure I possess.

I urge you to read and support them in any way you can.
@MummysStar on Twitter
Mummy’s Star on Facebook


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