Serene is something that I rarely feel any more. I don’t ever get the chance to feel serene. I love my little sprog with every ounce of my being but he has turned my life into a total whirlwind.

Today, I have seen a couple of my girlies who I havent seen in a few months. One who has a tiny baby and one who is expecting her first in October, and 2 who are not in the ‘mummy way’ (yet). I found it fascinating that the 3 mama’s automatically went to mummy conversation…. food, poo and party tricks! Who was eating what and when (baby’s and expectant mother)?! Who was pooing what and how (thankfully just the baby’s)?! And what new party tricks were they doing (again thankfulky just baby’s…. I don’t think the expectant mother would be happy to share her bodily changes)?!

Since we last met, the tiny baby ‘S’ is smiling, blowing raspberries, and producing more silent poos! Sprog is walking, trying to do an Indian call (tap hand on mouth) but failing and hitting his cheek and squatting to poo! (He’ll be so glad that I blogged such intimate details as he reaches the teenage years!!)

The one thing that all 3 of us had in common was tiredness.  Different levels and kinds if tiredness but tiredness all the same.  This conversation seems to have been ever present in my week.  Tiredness is just a state of life for a parent! ‘Exhausted’, ‘knackered’, ‘monged’ are all used to refer to states far worse than ‘tired’ but none of them leave one feeling serene and calm. Quite the opposite, the level of bickering increases in correlation to the level of tiredness.

So since I had escaped the heat of my classroom for the afternoon and returned home earlier than I had prepared for (by which I mean, prepared amd organised sprogs day- hubby is doing the picking up today), I have managed to gain some time. For me. On my own. When it’s sunny. To sit in the garden. On my own. Without chasing a small human away from the rose bush. Or stopping him from eating the daisies. Or holding the washing line as he pole dances around the bottom. Did I mentiom that I’m on my own. It is calm, and peaceful and serene …and it is lovely.

What do you do when life gives you little bit of unexpected time to yourself?