Mama’s reflection #15


It’s the end of another crazy week and this week I am most thankful for my wonderful and supportive hubby and my brilliant friends.

We spent the weekend celebrating the hen do of one of our girlies.  Hat’s off to the bridesmaid’s as everyone had an amazing time competing in sports day and catching up.

If one is ever stuck for ideas then take a few from this hen party. We had blind football, musical statues on the bouncy castle, doubles badminton tied together (so 2 pairs per side) and an obstacle course. We also had the compulsory game of Mr and Mrs!  I shan’t reveal too many details as those types of things should be left alone but I shall now never look at the grooms nose hair in the same way nor shall I imagine that the bridesmaid’s are any good with spanish names!  I am happy to reveal that I won a medal at sports day… not for any kind of sporting prowess,  o no, for accurately pinning the penis on the naked groom, an accolade which I will hold dear for many a year to come.


It was wonderful to have time to spend with my girls and to be me in some way again.  However, I know that there’s no way that I could have been there or enjoyed it as much if I didn’t know that the hubby was absolutely wonderful and on top of looking after sprog so fantastically. They had a lovely day and we treasured our afternoon of play time today so much more than normal as we’d had much less family time.

Next weekend, it’s hubby’s turn to go out all day on Saturday with his friends.  I’m really looking forward to a day with my sprog now!



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