Day one with no complaining


So …it turns out that this challenge is pretty difficult!

Today, I faced 3 periods of year 8, 1 period of year 9, lunch time detentions with students who could not stay quiet when others were talking, and a department meeting!

I managed well with the student’s…with them I don’t see it as complaining but clearly outlining my expectations of their behaviour and work. During department meeting, I bit my tongue many times…there was only one colleague who I couldn’t manage it with! The cheeky boy had earlier exclaimed to a group of student’s who had questioned whether we were a couple….nuh uh… that I was FAR too old for him!! Im only 4 years old than the little toe rag and at any given opportunity in the department meeting I did indeed complain about his rudeness!

At home this evening, it was going really well….until I was sabotaged by dinner!!! My lovely hubby went to finish off dinner, it was easy, he just had to comhine the ingredients and cook the spaghetti. ‘Just’!! He made one mistake…adding chilli to the mixture…which I had already done!  So, my spaghetti alla caprese blew my head off, sky high, into outer space. I only swore at him once and I was actually very pokite other than that. The chilli tears aren’t words so that can’t count as complaining, right?!

A week without complaining?


This article catch my attention last night as I’m usually quite proud of being a fairly positive person. This made me think about it though… How much do I complain?! Really?! I suspect it’s more than I realise!

So I’m going to give it a go this week….can I go all week without complaining?!  Let’s see