The birthday is approaching

A couple of months ago I started thinking about planning sprog’s first birthday party and then life took over and I never got much further. I did remember to send invitations to everyone so I have, at least, got guests coming!

Until I started thinking about it, I didn’t realise that there were so many options! Do we have a theme? Pirates, dinosaurs, In the Night Garden?! There’s no particular toys or theme that sprog is into..I mean, he’s not even 1 yet! He just likes to make noise, eat and dribble everywhere. There’s one book that he does absolutely love though which is “I’m not cute!” by Jonathan Allen, baby owl is the main character and is indeed very cute, so much so that he found his way on to the invites!

Once I’ve decided on a theme, can I manage to shoehorn some fancy dress for sprog?! I love a good fancy dress opportunity (as my poor friends and family know too well). Or can I, in fact, choose a theme on the basis of a fancy dress idea?!

Next decision was for location and catering. After an unsuccessful baptism after party, I am so keen to not make the same mistakes again in hiring a venue where food is included. (The baptism was massively overpriced and massively under catered so that many guests were hungry!).Could I manage it myself?! Knowing my catering skills, that is highly unlikely that I could pull it off. Our problem for events like this is that hubby has a large family and I have a large group of girlies, pretty much everyone now has partners, a few of our friends now also have kids in tow and all this means that we cannot pull off a small gathering of our closest friends and family. It comes to around 100 people!!

So, the decisions that I have managed to make are these…
1- baby owl will feature on invites and maybe the cake (I’m going to make the cake…I’m not known for my baking skills!)
2 – We will have an open house with tea and cake type theme
3 – there will be enough food!