Mama’s reflection #16

Our freshly trimmed hedges. It was a good bit of team work from hubby and I.

I think this is the most productive and efficient weekend that hubby and I have had in a very long time. This time of year is a special time for us teacher folk… 6 weeks of freedom looms ahead with many social engagements filling the calendar and the potential for so much to get done around the house and just to make things “better” ready for September when we know that our feet won’t touch the floor until Christmas!

It sounds like a long time but 6 weeks whizzes by (I apologise now to anyone who does not have the luxury of a summer break, I will not argue the merits of staff and students needing a break so you’ll have to trust me when I say that everyone is exhausted!). This year will go even quicker than normal as life with sprog is a whirlwind. After some quality time with him over the weekend, I am so excited about seeing my little man so much! He’ll still be doing his 2 days a week at nursery which should give me the time I need to start preparing for September (I normally work for between a week and 2 weeks towards the end but this year I will not sacrifice any sprog time for work so I need to be more organised).

In preparation for this, I have been compiling lists – there’s a work ‘to do’ list and a home ‘to do’ list. Hubby and I spent over 30 minutes trawling through the whole house during nap time with a pen and some paper and created a huge list – there’s over 50 jobs on there! I’ve even created a nifty (yes…nifty) spread sheet to help me organise and prioritise the jobs. Some are cleaning, some are fixing, some are tidying, some are painting, some are DIY-ing, some are buying and installing new things… my favourite is the last one.

I am excellent at creating lists of things which need doing… 6 months a go I bought a black board for the kitchen and wrote a list… we haven’t done any of the things yet. As the summer holidays approach though, the pace of life changes and we should get more done. We even plan to use the evening time after sprog is asleep to do some tasks.

So in reflection upon my week as a whole there have been many highlights

Mama highlight – Sprog is now fully walking independently, he can make it across the lounge and made it half way down the aisle at church today. He has also had really teething pains the last couple of days and whilst I would do anything to relive his pain, the cuddles that I have had have been absolutely beautiful and have reminded me that although he is already becoming independent, he will always want his mummy when he’s not well.

Teacher highlight – I marked all of my year 10 assessments this week within 2 days of them sitting them, quite an achievement let me tell you.  The most exciting news came from a national competition which I entered some students into saying that their work has been shortlisted for the top 35 entries (see here for more information).

Me highlight – I’ve had very little time for myself but I feel that the week has been a good week. As I lay here typing my thoughts out, I am happy and contented.  We have managed to achieve something’s around the house, I have braved going into town on my own with sprog with just the sling (no backup buggy) for a good few hours, I feel loved by two amazing boys and there’s only 8 teaching days until the summer holidays!