A birthday list

A birthday list. It sounds like a simple concept. People buy you things that you actually want off a list that you created.

But for a one year old (to be), a birthday list seems a little confused to me. He doesn’t know what he wants. He only knows that he wants to test things by banging them, by putting them in his mouth, and sometimes by pulling it with his teeth!

To write a list of things that he wants or needs feels a little presumptuous. People are finding it tough at the moment financially and I wouldn’t want to add a burden on anyone.

I think he would be a lucky boy if he got a couple of little toys and a few new clothes… We’ll see. I have a sneaky suspicion that there are some grandparents out there who may have enjoyed shopping for him!

The best thing that he could have a lots of photos of family and friends (including the many ‘aunties’) from his party and a photo of a fairly decent looking cake…I’m just trying to take the pressure off it tasting good too!


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