The weird wonders of motherhood


The last couple of weeks have seen many discussions with various groups of friends about the weird wonders of motherhood… things that I never dreamt would be interesting and so essential in my life.

Poo talk ranges from the tame and only mildly offensive discussion of how regularly sprog goes to the horrendous tales of poop up his back, on his clothes, over his head and how we manage it in his reusable nappies. All of these are topics that me and the mummy’s of the world don’t bat an eyelid at but some of my poor friends are left truly horrified and scarred by!

Sling envy is something that I hadn’t even considered before sprog arrived. I have a Connecta which I adore, it’s so comfy for both of us and hubby wears it too. But I get envious of the different designs, there are so many and if they were cheaper we’d definitely have more! I even drove past a lady wearing a little one the other day and got a tad jealous of her one.

Pram disbelief. I am amazed at the money that people spend on a pram. Perhaps this is linked to my love of the slings but I cannot understand why one might spend the best part of £1000 on a pram. It is simply making a fashion accessory and a statement about what you want others to think of you. Granted I do know some people who have had discounts or found such ‘designer’ prams secondhand but when our £280 pram and starter car seater combo is still in perfect working order after a year’s use, I can’t be drawn into the pram show!

And finally, I am amazed at the technology race that parents find themselves wrapped up in. The most horrifying thing that I’ve seen is a magazine awards category for toys for under 1s where the winning toy was a tablet made for little people… Really?!?! As a teacher, I understand the need for children to use technology and the importance of it for their place in the world. However, what happened to letting children entertain themselves with imaginative play and developing their physical senses of touch and the understanding of how their body works? We have only just got a tablet ourselves, it lives upstairs, away from sprog. The laptop doesn’t come out when he’s around. We’re now much better at keeping our phones out of sight and out of use when we’re with him. I believe that before he can interact with technology, he needs to interact with people.

So there we go, 4 things that I never considered that I would ever be so interested in or concerned by!

What things have taken you by surprise?


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