Sprog’s adventure in Londontown


1. Our day started off just as calm as any other with the exception that sprog did not get his morning nap as usual, but on a train, 45 minutes later than he normally would.  That said, he had a lovely snooze cuddled up in our fabulous Connecta and quickly woke to terrorise some unsuspecting passengers.


2. Post snacks and into play time. The poor lady next to us was sat nose deep in her book and determined not to be distracted but when a small human shoves his face in yours with the biggest grin in the world just to say hello, who can resist?! She cracked but only briefly before she went back to her book!


3. When we arrived at my friends house, sprog charged around to explore and discover everywhere stopping only briefly at the large cushion on the floor on rest his head for the smallest of moments before he was off again. We had a lovely picnic lunch in their garden which included a brilliant not captured on camera but involving sprog’s foot and a lovely tub of hummus.


4. We visited a local farm! Yes! A farm, in London! Our childless friends were treated to our full range of animal noises… from hubby’s realistic sheep and cows to my less accurate ‘cluck cluck’ for the hens.


5. Such a convenient and well timed find was a park with water fountains. He really wasn’t sure if he liked it when they came on and squirted him but he definitely liked the splashing in the puddles when they were off. They cooled him right down too which was perfect in the city heat.


6. Hubby and the sleepy baby. We had our fingers crossed for a good long sleep which would see us through the tube, getting on to train and part of the way home.  We were given 30 minutes.


7. Yes, he is on to outfit number 3! We lost t-shirts to epic city heat sweats and the fountains. We had to come up with lots of games on the way home but banging on the windows was a firm favourite.




Mama’s reflection #17


Good evening everyone, I hope that everyone is managing to survive in this funny old weather… I really wish that it had got round to some proper rain so that the air had been cleared but never mind.

It seems like such a long time a go that I blogged my reflection last week.  It was a long slog through the heat with the kids at school, none are too keen on the heat and most are not keen on working in it!

On Wednesday, we had sports day. Everyone in the school was outside. For the entire day. I was hot. My kids are not very sporty.  We tried hard. I nearly lost my voice after shouting at them in rounders. They didn’t win very much. I didn’t get burnt and neither did the kids in my form.

The evenings this week have been lost to a haze of apathy and exhaustion. I know that there are many working mama’s out there, I know that we all struggle with the daily battle for endless energy and enthusiasm for being mama, working lady and all round super woman to ensure that everyone else in our lives are supported and in the right place at the right time.  But that doesn’t mean that it is always easy or that we always want to do it.  This week, I found a couple of bloggers who visit this mama vs working lady dilemma regularly and it reassured me to see that I am not the only one who finds it difficult.

Thursday – work night out – too much alcohol for this practically dry mama – school night – bad news for Friday – small hangover – very hot – very tired.8

Without meaning to, nearly the whole week had gone by and we had not ticked anything further off our epic ‘to do’ list.  Today however, I was liberated for a couple of hours whilst sprog napped and I hit Worthing town centre like a woman possessed.  I needed to buy presents, bits for sprog, bits for the house and some t-shirts for me.  Guess which was the only thing that didn’t happen?! Absolutely my mama friends… the bits for me!

Saturday saw sprog’s first trip to Londontown to see one of my friends and he was superb; more about that later.

So, the roundup then…

Mama highlight – something small this week… Sprog was playing with some stacking cups, put a bell inside it them, shook them and then pulled the bell back out.  It was just wonderful to see him able to put a sequence of events together and see the development in the ways that he plays with certain toys.  It wasn’t very long ago that all he did was suck each stacking cup and bang with on the floor.

Teacher highlight – one of the students who I have an awful lot of time for has been struggling for some time in History, I’ve been working with them in addition to their class teacher and they achieved 2 grades higher in a recent assessment than their previous one… we were both chuffed!

Me highlight – Getting to combine my pre-mama London escapades with my mama life and seeing my friend.  It was so great for her to spend some proper time with sprog and although I was exhausted at the end of the day, I was very happy.