Crafting for the birthday

I’ve have been determined to do some arts and crafts with sprog as soon as I can but I didn’t imagine how hard it would be to get a small person to do something. We’ve tried a couple of times and I recently found some bunting hidden away that I bought for the wedding and never used. They are clear plastic pockets into which you can insert whatever you like. I had planned to put old photos of married couples on both sides of the family in but never had the time.
So I decided that we’d make use of them for sprog’s birthday.



First I bought a large A0 sheet of card and sprog and I let loose with the finger paints. This time he was much better as smooshing the paint! And at making the paint brush move on the paper. We even used a potato print that I made…he only tried to eat it a couple of times! Once the enormous sheet was dry, I then stenciled some triangles onto the large sheet, cut them up and simply popped them inside the bunting and hey presto!!




I can’t wait to be able to make something different each year to go up!


6 thoughts on “Crafting for the birthday

  1. I’ve never seen a DIY bunting like that before, I don’t suppose to remember where you found it? I loved the idea for the wedding, such a shame you didn’t get around to doing it but this is also a lovely, personal craft and looks lovely! #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  2. I love this! I have been searching for some bunting for the girls room but I might make some myself now i have seen this! Thanks for sharing on #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

    • I’ve also made some for a my classroom/prefab hut this week – this cut different colour card into triangles, hole punched the top and shoved some string through it – if it’s temporary then it’s lovely to personalise!

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