To my darling boy

To my darling boy,

I have missed you. So much. Today was our first day together in such a long time. It broke my heart to be able to play with you. To eat with you. To laugh with you. It broke my heart because you are the most delightful and gorgeous little man. And I am not there with you every day to do those things. You made me happy from the very depths of my soul and lit up the corners of my heart. You make everything ok.

Until you have a hissy fit. Your new found reaction when I tell you that you can’t do something. Like suck the cat’s tail. Like pull cupboard doors open. Like come in the kitchen when I’ve got the pans on. Or as simple as trying to eat your sock. When you hissy fit…it makes me miss the teenagers at work, at least they can communicate (sometimes).

I know the hissy fit is your communication. But it is reaching new decibel levels at the moment. I’d like them to stop! (I know, I know…you don’t want to stop).

And whilst I found that I had missed you dreadfully. I remembered how much I missed adult conversation when I was off. How isolating parenthood can be. How tired you get.  I am absolutely wiped out. You have finished me off in one day.

I may be exhausted. I may be extremely glad that I am actually a better parent for working. I may have missed adult time today. But you are everything to me. You have made me a new person. And I look forward to six weeks of chasing you around the house and garden like a crazy person. Perhaps a little restraint when it comes to climbing up sofas though?!



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