Top activities… Ferring Country Centre

As the summer holidays are here, sprog and I are out and about I thought I would do some more reviews of the activities that we get up to.

On Wednesday we headed to the Ferring Country Centre. I hadn’t ever been before and a friend took us. Sprog had been feeling unwell so I was watching him like a hawk but he had an amazing time.

When we arrived and paid at the cafe counter, sprog was chilling in his lovely carrier and I was unsure about what we were paying for.  It turns out that I think £2 per person (over 1 year old) is probably fairly reasonable. Luckily, as we should all know sprog is almost 1 so it was just me that needed paying for!


We went through to the animal section to firstly be greeted by the most lovely little play area. The majority of the bits there are designed for small people, only the swings are really meant for older kids (impressively, I did manage to fit my bum onto a swing, mental high five to myself). The climbing frame was in miniature, there’s a trampoline built into the ground and 2 amazing sound boards. Sprog was mildly obsessed with pressing the buttons. This coincides with his fascination for switches and door bells so a magical mooing button was right up his alley.



On to the animal section, and sprog was oddly attracted to the avery with some very lovely birds. He also had a good look at the tremendously vocal pigs and the adorable horse’s. As the youngest of the 3, sprog spent most his time catching up to the other two as I let him loose with the walking!

We enjoyed a lovely lunch in the cafe and the boys played in the inside play area (this bit is free to access so if money is tight, there’s a freebie option here too). And before the we left, the oldest demanded one more go on the outdoor trampoline. There is also a great outside area for picnics should you wish to take your own food.

I had a thoroughly lovely time, sprog was passed out before the end of the road and I would 100% recommend it to anyone with small humans.


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