Mama’s reflection #18/19

#18/19 because I missed last weekends official reflection as I’d written a couple of different reflective posts instead (marriage and my beautiful boy were the topics)


This week has just been simply delightful. I don’t have the words for how much I have enjoyed spending my time with sprog instead of being at work and seeing all the tiny developments that he is making.  I don’t have the words to express the utter stress and worry of him having an upset tummy on a nursery day and waiting all day to see if he’s ok or been poorly again…Luckily for me, he held on until after I had been into work, been to the dentists and been for a run (read about that excitement here).  I don’t have the words for the utter excitement of his birthday this week (and anxiety at being a proper ‘mama’ and making the birthday cake!!).

I cannot explain how proud I am of my little man. He makes everyone around him smile and feel a little warm glow, and the fact that he is my son makes me want to sing and shout and I get far more than a “little” warm glow!

I cannot begin to express how impressed I am by the new skills that he is mastering and the speed at which he is able to master them now.  Gone are the times when it would take weeks of encouragement to roll over, we’re now into the territory of pressing every button in sight, flicking every light switch, putting toys inside each other to see what they do then, playing a xylophone and using different noises for different people’s names (‘Grandad’ is a definite grunt and ‘Timmy’ for our long suffering cat is a definite high pitched squeal).

I do not know how to describe the swell of pride in my heart at this stunning little man. I do not know how to describe the sense that hubby and I are managing to actually parent a child, without many incidents or disasters!

For someone who doesn’t know how to describe or explains lots of things, that’s a lot of words without being able to tell you all fully.  Parents who read this must surely know what I mean, non parents… You cannot imagine the feelings that a child adds to your life…all existing feelings are simply multiplied a hundred’s madness!!

Mama highlight – what a shocker but this week I cannot pick one moment, I am just so overwhelmed with pride!

Teacher highlight – despite being on our summer holidays, I am continuing to work and I am pretty satisfied with the amount of planning that I’ve got done for September which is a great positive.

Me time highlight – I had a beautiful day with friends from work at a colleagues wedding on Thursday in Wantage… Road trip, plentiful wine and lots of giggles make for a happy, if not tired, mama!


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