Mama’s Reflection #20


Wow, 20 weeks of me blogging… that’s quite a while for me but still so new in the blogging world.

This week has proved a bit of a battle for me in terms of blogging…I do really enjoy it and I am beginning to make some good connections with a few other bloggers but there is also a desire to raise the profile and brand of the blog which I’m not sure how to go about. I’m in a twirl about whether I enjoy it enough to keep writing despite the audience not growing, wondering whether what I write about is actually interesting…I’m not a writer after all and I don’t think about the way I write like many bloggers do.  To me, this is an environment in which I can dump ideas and thoughts about life as a mama whilst trying to remain positive and address the balance between work and mama time.

I’ve taken a bit of a break in the last week to try and savour the moments that I have with Sprog, to enjoy the ‘me’ time by catching up on some telly programmes (I’ve been hooked on The Honourable Woman and of course, GBBO is back on). I’ve really been trying to take advantage of a slower pace of life. Mainly because at the moment, the prospect of September and a full teaching timetable and marking load at the same time as trying to be mama and actually see my hubby on occasion is pretty scary and I still don’t have a plan for making sure that it happens!

Instead of my usual roundup… here’s a couple of questions for you.  What really truly makes you happy? What is scaring or worrying you at the moment?


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