Our week in pictures

This week has been another lovely mix of adventure and lovely snuggle time with my Sprog. I’ve really loved having the summer off with him and going out and doing fun things and whilst I’m keen to go back to school and have adult conversation, I am definitely going to miss have the solo time with just him.


On Monday, my mum and I took Sprog to Brighton. It was primarily to visit a shop which it turns out has closed since I last ventured over – oops! But we had a lovely potter around the shops and a picnic in the sun.  Sprog was very interested in all the other people eating their lunches and would toddle over and stand grinning at them as they tried to eat!


Tuesday was unexciting but productive – I buckled down to do some lesson planning.  Only to be distracted by the mouse! The poor little thing was hunted by me and 2 students from school who were playing footie out the front – I quickly squealed and ran to the front door when I saw the little thing scamper from under the curtain. The update is… it’s still on the loose!


I snapped this on Wednesday, I was so proud of him. Of all the toys and noise makers that Sprog had out, when I was doing the washing up, I turned round to see this.  He was carefully turning the page and looking and touching each page as he read through the book.


Thursday saw GCSE results, handy as it’s a nursery days so I was free to spend the day in teacher world. I was so pleased for our students, particularly in History as we had our best results in years. There was one student who I had taught for 3 years of her 4 with us and she blitzed her History exam and exceeded her minimum grade, I honestly shed a tear when I saw her result as I was so proud.


Then on Saturday, we spent the morning at the Shoreham River Fest. Whilst the weather wasn’t ideal, a little on the chilly side, we had a good nosey around.  Hubby treated himself to some homemade fudge and we had lunch at a ‘posh’ pub.  We were so proud of Sprog as he ate so calmly and happily.  He was particularly pleased when he discovered tomato ketchup for the first time… He was so gentle but deliberate with his chip and then his fingers as he put them into the pot of sauce and then sucked them clean…several times!


Sunday, hubby was brilliant and gave me a bit more time to do some lesson planning and work for school by taking Sprog out after his nap and means that I am now planned right up until almost half term. That’s quite a feat and I am so happy. I intend to do a bit more before I go back to school, but this means that I have such a head start and should be able to have my evening time when term starts and therefore, fingers crossed, a little time for myself.

Here’s hoping that everyone else has had a good week and, despite this rain, a lovely bank holiday.  Enjoy and make the most of the time you have left with your mini people if they are school age.  And it you are at all nervous about them being looked after, see my letter to you here.


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