Reasons why we love Baby Sensory


Baby Sensory is a wonderful weekly programme covering 4 areas of development. Language, physical, social and emotional development.  Sprog has attended 2 full terms of Baby Sensory and we were lucky enough (and very excited) to be invited back for a session during the summer holidays whilst we had the time off to spend together.

Each session uses sign language, music, song and puppets to help aid these 4 areas of development but what I really love is the way that the group leader explains the value of each activity as you go through them and trust me, it’s far more than the usual ‘rhyme time’ series of boring nursery rhymes. I know that as they get older the little ones love the ‘boring’ songs but as a reasonably intelligent Mama who was used to using her brain a lot, the same songs, week after week was driving me mad when I was on maternity leave.

I was so excited to head back to Baby Sensory to see how Sprog would react now that he is fully mobile and right at the top end of the age bracket.  I wasn’t disappointed by our farm and ocean themed session (another bonus, each week has a different theme! We’ve taken part in seaside, pirate and French weeks to name a few), I even learnt a couple of new signs!


As we geared up for the start of the session, following a brief wander in the woods, Sprog was already showing how much he’s changed by whizzing straight off to the exploratory play area.  I was amazed as I sat back and watched him at how much taller he seemed in this environment.  I was used to seeing the baby walker tower over him and now, he is most definitely the master of the walker.

When the session kicked off, we were introduced to the animals on the farm using some lovely cards. The little baby’s there reminded me of those days where I was desperate for an activity which entertained both Sprog and I. They gazed at the cards, at each other and at the Mama’s who were all perfecting their cow signs. I know that some of our relatives were sceptical about the impact of baby signing but at 12 1/2 months, Sprog has perfected waving at the appropriate time, and a couple of days a go, treated us to the sign for ‘flowers’ as we were reading his Colours book …cue very proud mama moment and a few little happy tears (Do they ever stop? Every time he does something new, I’m a mess!)


Later in the session, we went under the sea to discover the creature there. The little one’s just adore watching the pompom’s and bubbles, and the fishes flying around. Sprog was totally in love with the flying fish and very protective of the shark that he was given to look after. The development in his social skills lately was clear when he passed the shark to another Mama for her to play with, waited calmly and then took the shark back all with a smile on his smile…cue another proud Mama moment, and a few more internal tears!


I cannot recommend Baby Sensory enough.  It may be at the higher end of the price scale when it comes to baby groups, but I can assure you that it is worth every penny.  Sprog has always loved the sessions, he is inquisitive, he can learn about different noises, he learnt about different textures and it has helped him to learn to communicate….and it kept me sane.  So I urge you to look up your local group, wherever you are (here’s the link). The franchise’s run globally! And for those little people who are emerging into Toddlerhood, there is Toddler Sense. We haven’t been able to try this as our local group is held on a Thursday when Sprog goes to nursery. I am gutted about this though because despite the plethora of free/cheap toddler groups in our local communities, none of them are tuned into the developmental needs of our precious little people as much as Baby Sensory and Toddler Sense!

In short, we love it and you should try it! (They even invite you to a free taster session so that you can make sure it’s for you!)

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4 thoughts on “Reasons why we love Baby Sensory

  1. Oh wow this looks great, I wish there was a baby sensory nearer to where I live, the only one is too far and awkward to get to without a car which I don’t have access too on week days. Such a shame. It looks like great fun!

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