Our week in pictures ~ 31st August

Monday saw a rather wet Bank Holiday and we firstly treated ourselves to new waterproofs! Oh so very exciting but we realised that all of our wet weather gear was a fairly old and as nice treat to ourselves after 7 whole years together!


Sprog learning to stamp in puddles in his new wellies.

Sprog had his one year jabs on Tuesday, I was so nervous and apprehensive that I felt physically sick. Thankfully, other than being a little bit tetchy he seems to have been ok. Just the potential rash to keep an eye out for this week.


Chilling out after the jabs.

On Wednesday we went to a Baby Sensory session which I’ve already waxed lyrical about over here.


At Baby Sensory.

Thursday was extremely unexciting as I went to work to sort out display boards and tidy up my classroom.

Friday we went to the library, the big library in town and someone had a whale of a time running out, pressing anything that looked vaguely like a button and squealing at all of the books.  We then had a lovely group play date with our Mummy grouo ehere we let 6 mini people run wild!! I have never been so attractive to children as when I held out a handful of chocolate covered raisins….that’s a scary position to be in!


Playing with the big boy books at the library.

I’m going to write about the weekend separately as I spent it away from home for 2 nights seeing friends.



6 thoughts on “Our week in pictures ~ 31st August

  1. Looks like you had a lovely week. My son splashed in puddles for the first time last Monday and now hunts for them! I miss our baby sensory group now O is out the age range! #twtwc

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