The day that was captured!

This week has been crazy busy with school going back and heading back to work so I haven’t been on top of the photo taking and moment capturing.  I definitely made up for it on Saturday though and took many many photo’s of our awesome family day.


1. Leaning into/destroying the lovely flowers at Beach House Park. He’s a clever Sprog and kept signing ‘flowers’ as we looked at them.


2. I love this picture as it shows Sprog and his Daddy, one of his Uncles and one of his cousins…a great family photo showing play time at the park.


3. Some chilled out snuggles on the sofa at lunch time as he slowly woke up from his nap.


4. Sprog was hugely intrigued to see what was in the box… it’s my first delivery of items to review for One Chic Mom.  I’m very excited about trying everything out, and, added bonus, it’s all stuff for me to use and pamper myself…not stuff for the little man.


5. Being such a brave and big boy as he braved the bridge on the climbing frame for the first time. It didn’t wobble too much and he really got the hang of it.

How was your week? Why don’t you head over to Make, Do and Push! to see what everyone has been upto?


5 thoughts on “The day that was captured!

  1. There’s a roundabout exactly like the one in the picture at our local park and it’s vicious when it’s at full speed!



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