A day in the life of me (mama and teacher)


6.00 a.m. Alarm beeps, slowly gaze at phone and check emails/messages from friends who keep different time zones to me.

6.10 a.m. Clamber out of bed, shower, make up, dress, scamper downstairs to scoff some breakfast and if I got going quick enough drink coffee.

7.00 a.m. Get Sprog up, spend 5 minutes duelling to see who will win on the nappy change front…Mama always wins! Get him dressed, head downstairs where Hubby is normally waiting with milk for Sprog. Enjoy 10 minutes of play time.

7.20 a.m. Run round like headless chickens making sure that we have everything that we need for work and that Sprog needs for his day.

7.30 a.m. Leave the house for Grandparents/Nursery, normally spend a while in a nice queue of traffic and dash back to school (a 5 minute drive has turned into a 35 minute drive).

8.05 a.m. Run round like a headless chicken at work…open all lesson resources on computer, get printing in the correct drawers for lessons, respond to emails, make “to do” list to respond to emails, go to the toilet, bash out some marking.

8.35 a.m. Do the awkward quick walk/mini run to the staffroom as I realise that I’m nearly late for briefing, laugh with (at) colleagues, head back to classroom to correct uniform of lovely year 11 form.

8.45 a.m. Register form, read stupid number of notices about clubs, revision sessions, drama performances, check they have all their equipment, they won’t so set detentions for break for those who after 3 years still don’t realise that they need a pen for school.

9.05 a.m. Meet new Year 8 class at the door, get them sat down, waffle about how awesome History is, find out what topics they studied at previous school, waffle about how I expect them to be excellent and brilliant all the time, make them line up with post-it notes in chronological order, pretend to be surprised when they all chose the Tudors, the Victorians, WW1 or WW2 as their event.

10.05 a.m. Year 9 class, long term causes of the Great War, explain what “tension” means 25 times to individuals, then to the whole class and then another 5 times to the ones who weren’t listening. Get them to write draft paragraphs. Threaten them with staying with me at break time if it’s not finished in time. Enjoy 2 minutes of silence as they scribble frantically.

11.05 a.m. Run to the toilet, return to classroom to find tutor group for detentions…pants, I’d forgotten about them. Eat apple. Fantasise about having time to fill up my water bottle.

11.25 a.m. Year 9 class, why were Kaiser Wilhelm and King George competitive…George had a big one (navy, empire) and Wilhelm had had a little one…cue sniggers around the room.

12.25 p.m. Year 11 class, How the liberal government make life better for old people. Hope that homework due in 3 days ago is now complete, have 2 students let me down, avoid rant about teacher’s pensions, reprint this week’s homework for the one who lost it.

1.25 p.m. Help 2 students with homework, leg it to the staff room. Eat.

2.00 a.m. Register lovely tutor group, fingers crossed none have detentions yet, yay… they don’t.

2.10 p.m. Repeat year 8 lesson. Roll eyes and look fed up when one student chooses eating a sandwich as his historical event and remember that he think he’s funny for future!

3.10 p.m. Sit down, breathe.

3.20 p.m. head to meeting about school policies…send emails from phone under the desk.

4.30 p.m. Try to leave school in car, hubby has car…at his work. Steal a lift from colleague.

4.45 p.m. Play hide and seek with Sprog, clap hands and sing lots, have big cuddles and play with blowing bubbles/raspberries in his mouth, giggle at his reaction.

5.15 p.m. Start making sausage sandwich and parsnips for Sprog whilst entertaining him through the kitchen door. Hubby gets home and spins Sprog round and around.

5.30 p.m. Sprog sits down for tea with hubby whilst I start cooking our dinner, Shepherd’s pie made and assembled, feed the cat, pour and serve Sprog’s milk, smile at the giggling noises coming from hubby and Sprog as they play.

6.50 p.m. Sprog tidies up downstairs, head upstairs for bath time, splash and stomp in the bath (Sprog, not me), struggle to fight him into his PJ’s, read book, sing bed time song, kisses and bed.

7.30 p.m. Dinner is served, collapse on sofa, watch 45 minutes of telly.

8.30 pm/m. Head upstairs to plan lessons/write blog post.

10.00 p.m. Collapse in bed ready to start again tomorrow morning…. the big question tomorrow is when will I find time to wash my hair?


16 thoughts on “A day in the life of me (mama and teacher)

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    • Thanks, that was just Monday…turned out that every day was like that last week!! It is nice that he isn’t always awake before us, onky one 5.30 wake up call and that was for his Nanny and Grandad, not for us!

  2. holy moly!! And you’re a blogger too?! are you sure that was just one day? I am impressed/ashamed of myself. You must like working hard 🙂

    Thanks for linking xxx

    • My advice is enjoy the slow and delightful pace of maternity leave! You’ve got a long time before you need to think about managing the return to work but I’ve found that it’s all about organisation. My colleagues thought i was mad for working over the summer holidays when Sprog was at nursery but working those two days a week mean that I am pretty much planned until half term which is great because I’ve only managed to plan 5 lessons in the 2 weeks we’ve been back!
      I have marking timetables and lists coming out of my ears and EVERYTHING is written down – I remember nothing unless it is on paper in front of me.
      Most importantly, I have left my school planner at school for evenings and weekends (so far) so that i concentrate on Sprog before bed time and then just my marking after that.
      It is managable … you just have to turn into a complete control freak!
      Enjoy your time off though, it is so so precious – the thing i miss most now I’m back is having the one-to-one time with Sprog!

  3. Wow that sounds crazy! I’m currently doing a History Degree with the hopes of becoming a history teacher so this was a real eye opener as to what daily life might be like!

    Thanks for linking up to #TBTL

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