20 facts about “me”


A couple of weeks ago I was tagged by Teacher2Mummy’s Lucinda on Instagram to give 20 facts about myself. With going back to school, my blogging world has taken a bit of a back seat (sad face) and I have been struggling to keep on top things. I’ve just got round to my list.  This week seemed to be a good time to try and do it as I’ve really been trying to focus on building “me” back up and finding time to chill out.

So, let’s give this a go!

1. I studied Law at University but am now History teacher.

2. I have a pretty ridiculous obsession with singing Disney princess songs.

3. I love purple.

4. My friends love retelling the story of when I feel through a chair at an 18th birthday party.

5. I have previously worn fairy lights and dressed as a Christmas tree.

6. I have no idea what I am going to feed the boys and I this evening…there’s nothing in the fridge.

7. My husband is only the 3rd person that I ever dated.

8. I have matching moles beneath my armpits.

9. I am lazy as hell…I will pretty much do anything to avoid washing up.

10. If it didn’t make me hugely obese, I would eat cupcakes as the only food in my diet.

11. I struggle hugely with my body confidence, if I seem ok, I’m usually faking it.

12. My second toe is longer than my big toe.

13. Until 2 weeks ago, I very rarely took my make up off! (Who has time for that every day?!)

14. I started knitting Sprog a blanket when I found out I was pregnant, it’s still not finished, he’s now 13 months old.

15. I once created a cardboard and paper mache shoe master piece towards my GCSE art course.

16. I ran for Education Officer on my Students Union at University.

17. I once woke up, dressed myself on Christmas morning to wake my Mummy and Daddy up when I was very little…at 2 a.m.

18. I sometimes really struggle to keep a straight face and not react to stupid/rude/ridiculous things that students say which are inappropriate for school but actually hilarious.

19. I would much rather spend time playing with Sprog than doing any form of cleaning or tidying.

20. I wish that my life was like Strictly; covered in glitter and fake tan, and with a man who can twirl me around…sadly, all three are lacking.

The List

2 thoughts on “20 facts about “me”

  1. I HATE CLEANING in all their guises – get a cleaner I say!! I wouldn’t call that lazy though 😉 I just prefer doing other stuff, like making a mess (or as I like to call it cooking) thanks for linking up!
    #TheList xxx

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