Show me the coffee

Who walks around in the morning slightly dazed and confused? Hopefully not just me!  I’ve really noticed since school went back and I’m back up to a full teaching timetable that combining my full time working mama life with being a good mama and a reasonably normal person is increasingly difficult.  Last weekend I noticed that with even an hours delay to getting my coffee, the grumpy monster starts to raise it’s ugly head.  I think by 8.00 am last Saturday, I had sat down for breakfast, head slumped on the table and squealed “I just want my coffee!”

I spotted a lovely little company who had recently started up and had begun to publicise on Twitter.  The Cambridge Coffee Company was set up by some friends to combine their love for the city of Cambridge with their passion for coffee.

This morning, I opened my packet of Senate House coffee for the first time and the aroma that hit me was delicious!  I’m usually careful to only buy Fairtrade coffee to make sure that it is kind to the bean farmers but that and my limited knowledge of coffee (does it wake me up? Yes. Good!) means that I don’t experiment with types of coffee.

coffee 1  coffee 5  coffee 3

This coffee bean comes from Kenya and is farmed at 1,600m altitude and the red volcanic loam gives a unique flavour to the beans.  I’ve never smelt coffee this good before and I’ve never used a cafetiere before so I was glad to find a handy brewing guide included.

The coffee was beautiful; a lovely sweet taste with none of the bitterness of some coffees and a really yummy caramel sensation in the finish.  I took my second mug to work with me as usual but unlike a normal day – there was none left in the bottom of my travel mug, lurking on my desk.  I polished the lot of and didn’t lay down my mug until every last drop was consumed.

I’ll admit that I was concerned about having enough time to use the cafetiere in the morning but the process of letting it cool in there for a few minutes actually meant that it was at a much better temperature to drink straightaway (I am not a fan of boiling hot drinks).  It’s funny isn’t it, the little things that seem like luxuries to us and feel that they may not be worth it if they take longer, actually seem to be the better, nicer and more relaxing experiences.  This is definitely a winner in my current mission to find more ‘little’ ways to fulfil the “me” part of 2You can visit the Cambridge Coffee Company at – I’d have a look at their great offer for buying coffee for a friend for only £1 with free P&P.

 *I was sent a sample for the purposes of this review.  All opinions are my own*


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