My PicStick experience

I am hopeless for taking far too many photos on my photo and then forgetting to do anything with them.  As it stands, of the approximately 20 million photos I have taken in the last 13 months, I have printed the first 6 months worth in a photo book.  Which I had to keep nagging myself to do before I went back to work after the summer holidays.

So an offer from PicStick to review their product was intriguing to say the least as they print your happy snaps onto magnets for you.  I thought that this would be a great idea as Sprog is really starting to give people and animals names/sounds and pointing at the right people now so to have some photos printed for the fridge was a wicked opportunity to help him practice with this.

picstickAs I loaded my pictures to PicStick, it was very straightforward and you can crop them to an appropriate size on the site. You can upload from your computer, Facebook or Dropbox and (luckily for me) you don’t need to be technologically competent to do it – it’s very easy.


I was super impressed which how quickly they arrived and how well packaged they were – the envelope is extra thick in order to protect them in the post. They separated from their sheet with ease and I was able to organise them however I wanted.  As it happened, at the same time that I had the brainwave to use them to support Sprog’s speech development, I had also been thinking about Christmas presents and have printed some of them ready for an early parcel that is being sent out to America!

It turns out the Sprog loves having people on the fridge as he spent ages this morning having a good point and gurgle at them – luckily for me, he does know which of the funny ladies on the fridge is ‘Mama’, phew! At £9.50 + free P&P worldwide (plus a 25% discount if you use the code MAMA25) these are a great aid to help little ones learn to recognise new things, or handy for a unique way to keep family up-to-date with how your little people are doing.xHead over to and have a look for yourself!



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