If only…


If only…
…my fridge knew when I need it to magically fill with wine and chocolate.
…I had a little bit of time I could spend to watch the TV.
…I didn’t admit to a class of year 10s that it had been 5 days since I’d last washed my hair.
… I had a magic machine to mark all of these assessments that I’ve just sat down to.

If only…
…chocolate was calorie free.
…wine was calorie free.
…I had a live in chef for free.
…I was mummy tummy free.

If only…
… 6 hours sleep felt like 12 hours sleep.
…my weekend didn’t look like a massive “to do” list.
…I could get up after 9 at the weekend.
…I didn’t feel it necessary to put my pj’s on as soon as I get in from work (5.00 today!).
…I could actually stop biting my nails completely and not just a maximum of 2 weeks.

O, if only…?!

(But Sprog’s little giggle does make up for some of these!)

The List

5 thoughts on “If only…

  1. IF ONLY!!! I think many of the same things, love, but at least I don’t have a class of year 10s to tell about the cleanliness of my hair (I so would, if I did! – 4 days today if you’re interested, I’ve just washed in now though!)
    Thanks for linking in to #TheList you are a lovely combination of funny and making me feel better that it’s not just me! 😉 xx

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  3. I completely agree! Today I was making the boys lunch, sweeping the floor and trying to keep my towel from falling down. i am sure it would be quicker if i had just done one of them at a time!! Lovely if only post! Glad i found you through #weekend bloghop will click on follow now! x

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