Captions please…


With that glance of the eyes, he could be saying so much!!!

This is one from the outtakes of our Christmas photo session.  I’m going to order some more Pic Sticks (read about them here) as Christmas presents so I don’t want to give away the final shot.

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22 thoughts on “Captions please…

  1. Oh how he’s going to hate this when he’s older! Super cute though.
    My older ones are MORTIFIED by the dressed up photos now they’re older. Good job I still have 2 little ones to humiliate at Christmas!!!

  2. Oh bless him, he looks like he’s thinking ‘Mummy why have you dressed me like an elf? This is not cool.” Love the Christmas photo sessions – haven’t yet done ours for this year but it’s so much fun.

  3. This is fantastic! I love the sidewards glance that seems to be saying “I wonder if mummy knows it’s not Christmas yet….I’ll play along if it’s going to get me on the nice list!!” #wickedwednesdays

  4. EEK! This so cute I love it! Did it take ages to get the final shot? Oh can’t wait to see it! Thanks so much for linking up and I hope to see you with another fab shot this week #wickedwednesdays xxx

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