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Evening everyone,

I’ve been experimenting and branching out and I can therefore now, very excitedly announce that I am live on Bloglovin! Ta Dah!

I didn’t really know much about Bloglovin but it turns out that it’s a super handy way for you to follow all of your favourite blogs as iy will automatically stream all of their blog posts for you into one easy to use newsfeed. Just like a Facebook or Twitter for the blogging world! I am super excited and heading over there now to follow all of my favourites!

Since getting going with Bloglovin, I have become a bit of an addict…I really struggle to keep up with new posts on Twitter, facebook etc so this is amazing as it just logs the new posts from the blogs that I love and I can just read them as and when I catch a moment. In our little office at break time at school normally works for me!

So if you have been enjoying my little ramblings, go ahead and click the link to follow me over there! Go on…. It’ll be worth it!


This is what I look like over there …maybe I’ll work on that picture soon!


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