My week in numbers


Approximately 3 million prospective parents spoken to (we promise that moving to secondary school is not scary),
123 exercise books marked (why can’t you underline the blooming title?!),
100 flyers distributed,
80 assessments marked (ahhhhhh),
35 Poppies signed in Rememberance,
20 hours of teaching completed (lots about the causes of WW1, the reformation and women campaigning for the right to vote!),
13 detentions sat (I must remember to do my homework on time),
10 minutes of Sprog visiting me at work (he looked right at home sat at my desk),
9 mugs of coffee (and a few cans of Red Bull, it’s ok, it was the sugar free kind),
6 very excitable year 8 helpers (who kept stealing popcorn!),
5 extremely confused and very tired faces as I Charleston danced my way through Open Evening,
3 packets of biscuits demolished by students,
2 finished display boards,
and 1 set of Union Jack bunting adorning my classroom walls.

Phew – same again next week?

Mums' Days

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